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How to become a professional mixer and DJ quickly by following 5 steps

Why Mentorship?

I genuinely believe that being mentored by somebody who is doing what you want to achieve or has already achieved what you are aiming for gives you the best chance at success. 

I have done all of the leg work and learnt all of the mistakes so I can guide you past those issues and coach you to become more confident in your abilities. 

I work with a small group over a 14 week period making sure that each of my students gets the attention and coaching they need to guide them from where they were when they started to the goals they have set for themselves and through any issues they may be having along the way. 

My goal is to help you to reach your goal. 

I will work with you on all areas within the program that you feel you need help with and we can really focus in on those areas you struggle with the most.

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